Come on in and see what’s happening!

A week or two late but the When North Meets South blog is finally live!  This theme isn’t the same as the Poems in the Waiting Room one so it’s been a fast learning curve for me with a very patient son emailing  back and forth answers to my pleas for HELP!

I’d like to acknowledge the invaluable help of Sandra Simpson who gathered the haiku poets and encouraged them to participate in this project.  And my very sincere thanks to the poets for being so willing to loan me not only their haiku but also photos and snippets of  personal information to reveal in this blog!  20 Otago artists were keen to  join  the project and for them the work is just beginning – my immense respect to all 20.

And me, well I’m just organising everyone, no artistic talent involved! I’m pulling the project together, meeting interesting, wonderful, generous, funny and clever people along the way. I’m planning to use this blog to showcase the work of our talented poets and artists, make further introductions, reveal plans for the exhibition as they come together, talk to our sponsors, and more…….

Cheers for now



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