Jenny Longstaff

My professional background is as a graphic designer in publishing, having previously worked as production editor for Otago University Press and as art editor with Longacre Press. I have also designed books for the Department of Conservation, Otago Heritage Press and McIndoe Publishers.

I have been a volunteer hut warden at Mason Bay, Rakiura and am presently employed as a housekeeper and guide at Olveston, Dunedin’s outstanding historic house.

I’m an Aussie but have chosen to live in beautiful Enzed for nearly thirty years, apart from a recent break of 2 years when I rode a motorbike around Australia. The experience of ‘wandering in the wilderness’ observing nature closely, being part of the landscape and living simply was a pivotal one.

Since my return, my creative streak has been unleashed. I love looking, thinking, and doing, thus the visual arts are a major preoccupation for me. Inspiration comes from the natural world, history, and community. Photography fascinates me and I also enjoy painting, with acrylic my preferred medium. I have also undertaken a mosaic commission. As you can see, I like to try my hand at different things.


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