James Dignan


WNMS – James, you’re the art reviewer for the ODT, a freelance writer, musician, and artist. Is one of these areas more important to you than the others?

I’m also the ODT’s daily quiz compiler, and do a regular show on Otago University’s student radio station! It varies from time to time. As far as income is concerned, the ODT work is top priority, but in terms of what gets the creative juices going the most, the art and music tend to alternate. At the moment the music’s in the upswing, but it’s likely that in the next two months it will be the art again.

WNMS – Why was 1998 the year that you start painting seriously?

I was working on my PhD at university and getting thoroughly sick of it. I needed an outlet for my creativity that was unrelated to the work I was doing, and at that time my music was in a really low ebb, so I used painting as that outlet.

For the full interview click on THE ARTISTS and select James Dignan


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