Chris Bates

Today I’d like you to join me for a meander along the path and side-tracks of Chris Bates’s life.

I first met Chris at the Dunedin Railway Station Art Gallery when this project was in its infancy. Chris was serving in the shop and upon seeing her necklace I made some comment, a positive one, and she just casually said, Oh I made it, there are more in the cabinet here. I knew immediately her work would be perfect for When North meets South and invited her to take part in our exhibition.  A few weeks ago I received an email from Chris asking if she could make two necklaces.  When I replied go for it I also asked her if I could come out sometime for a chat. So on Tuesday afternoon, when Southland was under siege with snow and dire wind warnings were blowing about Otago, I drove out to Mosgiel.

Chris’s house, built by husband Buster, is down a long drive way, surrounded by neighbours but secluded in its own magnificent setting. The naked lady lounging in a bath in the gardens was the first thing that caught my eye. Being such a cold day it was fortunate that she was one of sculptor Suzanne Emslie’s creations!

When I arrived, Chris was busy working on her current project – pricing fixtures for the house she’s just finished designing. So the first question immediately presented itself. Is Chris Bates a designer?

                           For the full interview click on THE ARTISTS and select Chris Bates


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