Judy Ringland-Stewart

The “Flamenco” design

Leaving work at 2.00pm on a chilly Dunedin afternoon I wandered past all the 50% off sales in George St and headed down Stuart St to meet Judy Ringland-Stewart. Judy was ‘on duty’ at the Stuart St Potters Co-op but with winter being the quiet season for the gallery we were able to have an uninterrupted chat.

We hadn’t met before so a lot of my questions initiated sidetracking and backtracking to bring me up to speed. Religion peppered our conversation, it’s obviously an important part in Judy’s life. And then we had a chat about our families, our backgrounds, good books………and Judy guided me around the gallery telling me a little about the 11 other potters. Several times I gently reminded Judy this chat was about her – she had a canny ability to try to move the topic away from herself!

WNMS – Let’s start with your background Judy
Well I didn’t work until the children (3 boys and a girl) were older. I did some door to door research work but I was abysmal at that – you’ve got to be a special character and it just wasn’t me. Then I …………..

For the full interview click on THE ARTISTS and select Judy Ringland-Stewart


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