Our Winter Blues pick-me-up evening

Amanda completing a ‘twirl’

Last night 40 friends and guests enjoyed a Winter Blues pick-me-up evening  at St Clair Design. Dallas Cunningham had great discounts on her Hallelujah and St Clair labels while husband Rob, offered delicious mini muffins to each guest as they arrived –  an extra surprise discount was hidden in the bottom of each paper case!

Rob, the ‘little muffin’ man

Donna* from Simply Flowers in Musselburgh supplied a huge floral arrangement while Venetia, who works with Donna, had decorated the food table in the style people have come to expect from her business “Designa Weddings.”

Chris Bates sold several pieces from her Unique Jewellery” collection and later in the evening told me that Donna was keen to stock her jewellery at Simply Flowers. With wine, cheese and nibbles, a relaxed sociable evening was enjoyed by all. Needless to say there was a lot of chatter, ladies nipping in and out of changing rooms and several, thank you Amanda and Rachael, giving us an impromptu showing of their favoured garments. And at 8.00pm  5 prizes were drawn from a top hat with winners going home with: chocolates, toiletries, a necklace, a brooch and a voucher for flowers.

*Look out for an interview next week with Donna – she’s creating a floral arrangement for the When North meets South exhibition in response to her chosen haiku.

Some of Chris’s jewellery laid out on a cutting table


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