Sheryl McCammon

Sheryl only lives three houses up the street from me but we rarely cross paths! When I called in yesterday morning she said she’d set a goal for the day: to complete the painting pictured here.  I wasn’t going to be her excuse for not reaching her goal so I didn’t stay long. For the … Continue reading

Dugal Armour

Dugal Armour and I haven’t met. We’ve communicated via fax and letter, both very gentle methods of contact with no zip zap instant replies just patience and eagerly awaited responses. But tonight I received an email which contained pictures of Dugal’s works and answers to my interview questions. So let me introduce you to Dugal … Continue reading

Manu Berry

Back in 2007 Manu spent 6 weeks in the outback of Australia staying on a property of a fellow artist. It was so vast and alien. I took a while to adjust to it. You know if a tree fell it didn’t rot, it just dried up. The minute I sat down I’d be covered … Continue reading