The Braithwaite Centre auction

And the auction begins

Rob Piggott is one of the artists exhibiting in the When North meets South exhibition. A few days ago he sent me an invitation to come along to an art auction at Kaikorai Valley College’s Braithwaite Centre. Rob teaches art to the students in this special needs unit.

We found our way to the centre by heading towards a well-lit classroom with laughter drifting through the open door. We were welcomed with punch and nibbles, catered for by KVC students, and entertained by two guitar playing KVC lads.

As we moved around the classroom the Braithwaite Centre students were happy to point out to us their auction waiting work.  The art work was extremely impressive – a credit to Rob and his students.

Eyeing the bids

Neil McKenzie took a very relaxed approach as auctioneer, encouraging the students to come forward when their paintings were held up for auction and gently haranguing the  crowd to ‘up’ the bids. A local gentleman, who was in attendance, read about the auction and donated two of his paintings. Rob’s two donated paintings also had arms and hands flying. Neil coped exceedingly well with the clamour of bids! All proceeds from the evening will contribute towards the purchase of resources for the Braithwaite Centre students.

Going going gone – my winning bid!

I had my eye on four paintings but there was serious competition so I came away with one. Thank you Jade McQueen, one of my walls at home looks all the better for having your painting on it.


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