Swirling leaves, wish I had learned, to dance

Pauline and I are working on a booklet which will feature all the haiku with photos of their accompanying exhibition pieces. It will be a last-minute effort as some of the exhibition works are still ‘under construction.’ But we’re aiming to have the booklet ready for sale on November 4th with all proceeds going to … Continue reading

Janet de Wagt

Janet has just sent me a photo of her haiku painting for our exhibition.  She is one busy lady as she’s just back from a field trip  exploring and painting Ireland, England, The Netherlands and Germany. Her next exhibition, ‘Paintings from a Suitcase’, will be from 26 October at De Novo Gallery in Dunedin. Call … Continue reading

John Holmes

John owns five presses with his favourite being the cylinder proof press he has at home – it self inks. As for favourite fonts well he likes the classical ones – Bembo, Caslon, Baskerville. He prefers serif to sans serif. All typefaces have their own idiosyncrasies, he says. Garamond has an ‘a’ which seems too small. … Continue reading

Rob Piggott

Rob Piggott is a Contemporary Abstract painter and printmaker based in Dunedin. His comprehensive website made me wonder whether I should just direct our readers there and skip the interview. But Rob was happy to make an appointment to share afternoon tea and take the opportunity to show me around his studio workshop. To read … Continue reading

Art in the Homestead

This afternoon it was extremely blustery at home and even though I wanted to go out for some fresh air it felt a mite too fresh. We decided to drive down to Macandrew Bay for a wander, hoping the wind might be a little less brisk. On the way down we came across Glenfalloch’s Spring … Continue reading

A Dunedin Day

Thursday is normally one of my days off but I owed work two hours so I popped in this morning for three – well it’s nice to have an hour up my sleeve! After leaving work I wandered along to the University Library as I remembered from an earlier conversation with John Holmes that he … Continue reading

Chris Bates

Chris and I met in June for her blog spot interview and since then I keep bumping into her around Dunedin.  I’m not complaining! Chris is a most delightful lady and even when this exhibition is just a far away memory I know we’ll still be friends.This is Chris’s latest piece of exquisite jewellery which … Continue reading

Don’t forget

Don’t forget the poets!!! The haiku poets appeared  here early on in the project but since then the artists have taken centre stage. The haiku poets are the backbone of our project so I thought it was time we highlighted their contribution. Check out their bios over at the heading The Poets. I had hoped … Continue reading

Down to two

Radio Network sent me their first draft of the When North meets South advertisement today. We’ve yet to decide which stations it will be aired on but I’ll let you know as soon as the decision is made.  October 15 is the date I’ve chosen to start our  general advertising promotion –  any sooner than … Continue reading