Down to two

Radio Network sent me their first draft of the When North meets South advertisement today. We’ve yet to decide which stations it will be aired on but I’ll let you know as soon as the decision is made.  October 15 is the date I’ve chosen to start our  general advertising promotion –  any sooner than that and people will forget to remember!

Stay tuned here…………………..

Keep an eye out for my second-to-last interview. On Friday afternoon I’m catching up with Rob Piggott, a Contemporary Abstract painter and printmaker. Once I’ve turned my scrawl into a readable script and Rob’s approved it,  I’ll be posting our chat under The Artists header. I snapped the photo above as Rob, along with the rest of the crowd, applauded when one of his students’ artworks fetched a well deserved high sum at the recent Braithwaite Centre auction.

John at work

And my very last interview will be with Dr John Holmes. I spent an amazing hour with John at his home when the idea for the exhibition was in its infancy. He showed me some of his previous publications and I saw his press in action. We talked about producing a hand printed booklet of all the exhibition haiku but lack of funding put a full stop to that idea. Not wanting to lose contact with John I then asked if he’d like to become one of the artists. More about John’s contribution later……..


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