Art in the Homestead

Gardeners at work

This afternoon it was extremely blustery at home and even though I wanted to go out for some fresh air it felt a mite too fresh. We decided to drive down to Macandrew Bay for a wander, hoping the wind might be a little less brisk. On the way down we came across Glenfalloch’s Spring Flower Festival of Art so we called in.

Afternoon tea on the lawn

We felt like we’d entered another climate zone – it was so very sheltered in the gardens. Following the sound of music we came across the Cantores Choir singing in the sunshine.

Cantores Choir

After a listen we wandered on and met Pauline Bellamy painting under a tree on one of the many garden pathways. After a brief chat we set off for the Potters Cottage ducking under painted butterflies and caterpillars which were hanging above the pathways, courtesy of  the Otago Peninsula Schools.

Painted butterflies

Children and fairies were darting here and there along the pathways,and back and forth across the bridges. They were taking part in the Gnaughty Gnome Hunt.

Garden Art

After a brief look around at the Potters Cottage we backtracked and then headed up the hill to the Gallery for another browse before moving over to the Homestead.

Glenfalloch gallery

A young girl was playing the harp inside the entrance to the Homestead. Several artists had their work on display including Jenny Longstaff – one of our exhibition artists. She had just sold a painting so happiness surrounded her. On the way back down the hill we stopped off to see how Pauline was going. She was working on her third painting – the Cantores Choir had stopped to sing for her so she was capturing them on canvas.

Pauline Bellamy at work

Then we strolled along by the side of a stream and came across Manu Berry, another of our exhibition artists,  on the lawn working with Oamaru stone. I just captured this picture before he stopped to blow all the fine scrapings off his work!

Manu Berry at work

We had one last meander through the stunning gardens before carrying on to Macandrew Bay where we enjoyed a windless walk before heading back to our blustery base – home.

My best mate on one of the numerous Glenfalloch paths

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