Shoes ‘n things

If you’re a keen shoe shopper then you must call into Bellamys Gallery over the next three weeks – but not until Sunday’s opening – and see what Donna Ryalls from Simply Flowers has created. When Donna carried her creation out to the car today, traffic stopped in Musselburgh Rise – truly. People smiled and waved……… and no I’m not providing a picture, well not yet. The photo on the home page was taken a few months ago – Donna’s hairstyle has accents of blue at the moment. She’s one zany lady as her creation reflects!

This week has been busy with a capital B.  We’ve had artists delivering their work, Pauline Bellamy and I have been out and about collecting work, and in between times I’ve managed to go to work!

I spent this afternoon at Macandrew Bay and was delighted to be at the Gallery when Liz Rowe called in with her painting. Liz completed her interview via email so today was our first meeting. Soon after Liz left, Dugal Armour and his lovely wife Megan arrived. They’d travelled down from Oamaru to install Dugal’s work, which featured in the arts page in today’s ODT. Dugal and I have communicated via fax and mail so  I was especially pleased to  have the opportunity to meet both him and Megan. If you haven’t seen today’s ODT then you’ll have to wait until Sunday’s opening to see Dugal’s work. He’s a very versatile artist. Below is Dugal’s sculpture of Meg.


My neighbour called out to me tonight that Guy Somerset has included the exhibition in his Take 5 series in the Listener   – next week’s copy. Dunedin’s Channel 9 TV are sending their crew out to Bellamy’s next week, and we’ve got two radio interviews lined up, one on OAR tomorrow morning 105.4FM, and another one on OAR on Saturday morning. I’m having a chat tomorrow with Jeff at 9.30ish and James Dignan, one of our artists, is the guest on Ron Esplin’s Arty Farty hour on Saturday morning at 11.00.

We’re so looking forward to Sunday.  After nine months in the planning, it’s going to be a special day.


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