When North meets South – nearly there!

Pauline making adjustments

I’m just home after spending the afternoon and most of the evening at Bellamys Gallery. Pauline, her friend Barbara, and I were organising the covers for the exhibition booklets we’ve created. The booklets contain all the haiku plus photos of their corresponding exhibits – we’re selling them for $10.00 each as an exhibition souvenir.

John hanging a painting

Once that was all done we turned our attention to hanging the paintings and placing the ceramics, sculptures, shoe and dresses. A lot of decision-making for one afternoon! John was on hand  to cut this, drill that, and make this which made things so much easier for us.

5pm Sunday November 4

Come along and meet some of our 22 artists, purchase any of the 26 exhibits and plan to visit the Gallery again. The “When North meets South” exhibition is open everyday from 12-5 until November 26.

3 Responses to “When North meets South – nearly there!”
  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Looking forward to this show.

  2. You’ve done such a fantastic job Ruth! I can’t wait to come and see the show. And still buzzing after your phone call last night!! 🙂

    • ruth arnison says:

      There was such a lot of interest in your painting last night Lyn – and even today people were admiring it. The buyer was only in the Gallery for five minutes before she asked me to pop a red dot on it! Well done you!!!

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