Haiku truffles

The haiku truffles have just arrived – all 160 of them!!!  They were made by Sheryl McCammon, one of the exhibition artists who lives a few doors up the street from me. When I asked if she’d mind helping out with snacks for the exhibition Sheryl was quick to respond – sure, how about dips? Great I said and perhaps your truffles? When our families were younger Hunt St parties were an annual event and Sheryl was famous for her truffles. BUT these are truffles with a difference. They each have a slip of paper inserted in them with a haiku curling out of the truffle. All the haikus bar one, are courtesy of a lovely lady in America called Adelaide B Shaw. I’ve used Adelaide’s haiku in previous Poems in the Waiting Room cards so emailed to tell her what I was planning and she replied, yes, you’re welcome. We wanted one line haiku as they were easier to work with in the truffle context!  And then I discovered a lovely haiku by Greeba Brydges- Jones which I couldn’t resist.

I’m just about to head down the Bay with food on board. I probably won’t be home until later this evening, after the exhibition, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night for a news update. I’ve work tomorrow morning and then I’m looking after the Gallery in the afternoon.  Just in case you’re wondering – I haven’t tasted a truffle yet – Sheryl has packed them so well I think if I remove one it will be very noticeable!!

Haiku truffles


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