Success story

Our When North meets South opening was a great success. A cold morning meant John lit the fire in the Gallery but by 5pm he’d let it die down as the sun was out, the sky was clear and it was warm.  By 5.10 the Gallery was humming, by 5.15 it was packed and by 5.20 all 60 catalogues had gone! (I thought I’d printed enough to last for the three exhibition weeks.)  Pauline made a mad dash to her studio to print more which we quickly handed out.

With my friend Imogen and her daughter Louise manning the drinks, another friend Barbara replenishing the food, young Beth playing the harp,  and my son and husband washing and drying glasses, the whole evening was a team event. Pauline, John and I handled sales and chatted to people. It was only as we were relaxing at 9 that we realised we’d missed seeing people. Me to Pauline – “I thought Michael might have been there.”  Pauline to me – “He was.”  He is well over 6 ft how could I have missed him I wondered? And we went back and forth filling each other in about who was and wasn’t there.  John reckoned with over 120 people there we were bound to miss one or two.

17 of our 22 artists were able to attend which was marvellous. Our first sale was Lyn Hurring’s painting, meet you at the wishing tree, which was her response to Catherine Mair’s haiku.

spring morning
all these knee-high children
& small dogs

This blog was initially created as a lead up to the exhibition opening but I don’t want to abandon it just yet so I’m planning to post a photo of one exhibition work each night until November 26 – it will allow me to gently wind down the blog!

2 Responses to “Success story”
  1. I love this painting to Catherine’s haiku. No wonder it sold.

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