Exhibition update

Haiku booklets handprinted by John Holmes

Tonight I’m featuring the haiku booklets handprinted and bound by John Holmes. They are books not hotcakes but as the expression goes they have been selling like hot cakes! John selected 10 haiku provided by 6 of our haiku artists and has printed and bound them. They are beautiful – absolute works of art. They are selling at the Gallery for $50.00. If you were interested in buying one I’d be happy to package and post to you for $55.00. Just send me an email and we can arrange payment; waitingroompoems(at)gmail(dot)com. Please replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with .

For further pictures of these booklets click on The Exhibition and select Exhibition update

2 Responses to “Exhibition update”
  1. sandra says:

    Do you remember your first email to me? “I’ve had a good idea” … it’s amazing how good ideas work out. For you an exhibition, for me a haiku festival. This year has been one to remember for haiku in New Zealand and will, with any luck, increase interest in this fascinating artform.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing your idea to reality. The artworks are gorgeous and I am proud to have a presence in the exhibition.

    Big hugs,

    • ruth arnison says:

      Thanks Sandra – without your help and the generosity of our haiku poets the idea wouldn’t have got very far!! I’ve made friends, pushed personal boundaries, and feel confident we can do it again in another region. Are you keen??? 2013 might be even more memorable!

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