John Z. Robinson


Playing on metal and paper.

John emailed me these two photos last night – playing around with ideas for the second haiku he chose. I’m giving away more than I intended here but by showing the haiku, I think you’ll appreciate the wonder of John’s playfulness!


this tree


We’ve struck silver! Have a look at the additions to the gallery. John Z Robinson sent me two photos today, another one of a work in progress and one of the same work, completed!  It’s exquisite.  John said he’d like to create a print in response to one of the other haiku I’ve sent him. This guy is amazing – talk about positive energy!  John’s silver pendant will be on sale at the When North Meets South Exhibition,  Bellamys’ Gallery, Macandrew Bay, Dunedin, November 4 -26, 2012.

John Z. Robinson is a well-known artist and jeweller who lives and works in Dunedin. He emailed last night to tell me he hasn’t made a final decision re which haiku he’ll work with but some of them were ‘ringing bells’. And tonight I received three photos of tantalising drawings! I hope he’s happy to continue recording his progress – is it going to be jewellery or —– ???


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