Roadside Attraction

September 22 news


                                                                          swirling leaves
                                                                          wish I had learned
                                                                          to dance
                                                                                      André Surridge

Hilary from Roadside Attraction contacted me a couple of weeks ago to say THE DRESS was ready to collect. A friend was off to Oamaru for a few days so offered to collect it for me on the way back. And I have to tell you it is stunning. The picture doesn’t show the dress to its full extent – it has a triple circle skirt with appliqued autumn leaves. The dress is one of 24 exhibits on display at Bellamys Gallery from Nov 4 -26 – When North meets South.

Roadside Attraction

May 10 update

Exciting news today from Hilary at Roadside Attraction in Waikouaiti. Her amazing haiku garment is finished and on display in their shop window. The weather forecast is good for Saturday so why not take a trip out to Waikouaiti, have a look through Roadside Attraction, check out this cute rental property and have coffee’n cake on the way home at the Blueskin Nurseries’ cafe.

And if Saturday doesn’t suit, Roadside Attraction is open Wed-Fri 10am-5pm and Sat–Sun 11am-5pm. Tell Hilary and Alex you’ve come to look at the Haiku Art dress, it will be featured in their window for a couple of weeks.

Once it’s removed from their window display I’ll post some photos here so our non Otago followers can have a glimpse of it. But until then, check out the photos of the dress during construction. I’ve added them to the gallery below. And a little teaser!!! Hilary says, it is 3 full circles all printed and appliqued with printed leaves……,

And yes Alex and Hilary, a busy duo, are working their way through my interview questions so I’ll be posting those shortly.

April 20 news

Roadside Attraction is where you’ll find Alex Wilson and Hilary Rowley either in their shop or behind the scenes designing, cutting and creating  great gear  – dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, cushions ………If you’re heading northwards on a journey or just fancy having a day trip, look out for Roadside Attraction in Waikouaiti on the Main Road.

Alex and Hilary’s enthusiasm for the Art Exhibition has been fantastic. They’re still deciding on the haiku they want to work with but once they get underway I’ll show you snippets of their work in progress! Today they sent me these photos and they’re eagerly awaiting my email with some  interview type questions.  Participating in the interview and photos side of the project for the blog is an optional extra. So check back here next week to  find out some ‘behind the scenes info’ of this cutting edge team.

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