Simply Flowers

Simply Flowers – light, bright and spacious

With the malls in town drawing people in, you’ve got to have a point of difference to survive out in the suburbs and Donna Ryalls has ‘it’ in abundance. Every time I wander by her shop, Simply Flowers, there’s a new window display, new arrangements or additions to the shop’s stock.

The irrepressable Donna

I called in and introduced myself to Donna last week when I was out and about on When North meets South business. I hoped to talk her into taking part in the exhibition – creating a floral design in response to a haiku. I’d hardly put a full stop to my request when Donna said yes, sure. So I gave her an invite to the St Clair Design evening and before I knew it she was taking part – supplying a floral arrangement. And Venetia offered to dress the supper table, a task she excels at –it’s one of the facets of the new boutique business Designa Weddings, she runs with Donna downstairs. They’re able to provide bridal wear, shoes, accessories, table centre pieces, tiaras, and jewellery!!! Donna also stocks funky clothing and shoes, jewellery, giftware and locally made products.

A ‘Designa Weddings’ table setting

This morning, armed with camera and notebook, I popped in to chat with Donna between customers. I think you’ll agree the pictures say it all – Donna is arty and funky, has a real flair for presentation and is putting her all into this business.


With two young children, and a life long interest in dance – she runs Performance Dance, Dunedin – Donna is one organised lady. She bought the business in February 2011 and has refitted, repainted, and remodelled the shop. This week, when there was a quiet spell in the shop, she grabbed her paints and started decorating the outside walls of the shop. The guys from Trawler Fish Supply next door have suddenly found their tea break environment a whole lot more attractive!

The talented Donna jazzed up the outside wall of the shop in some rare downtime.

While at Queen’s High School Donna won a competition to paint the water tank at Macandrew Bay School. She told me that while out on the peninsula recently she was surprised to see the tank still supported her artwork! Painting continues to be one of Donna’s passions but with a full life it’s been sidelined for a year or two.

And more giftware

Stunning floral work including cultural weaving, corporate arrangements and classy wedding design are Donna’s thing. I can’t wait to see how she interprets her chosen haiku at the November exhibition.

A welcoming entrance

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