Waves bring ashore

I had no idea how Dallas would go about designing a dress in response to her chosen haiku. I guess that’s why Dallas is a designer and I’m not! When she emailed to let me know the dress was ready for delivery I replied, tonight would be good. I was curious, impatient and excited. I … Continue reading

Haiku jewels

John Z Robinson and Christeen Bates both opted to create two pieces of jewellery for our exhibition. Two pendants from John and two necklaces and a matching pair of earrings from Christeen. John Bellamy created a perfect setting for them with the use of mirrors and a wooden display box. In the same alcove we … Continue reading

Swirling leaves

Andre Surridge sent me six haiku and he was probably hoping one might be chosen so when I wrote telling him four had been selected with two favoured by two artists he was rapt. Today we’re viewing two artists’ response to Andre’s haiku. Yes you have seen snippets of these exhibits but this time I’m … Continue reading

Roadside Attraction

Hilary from Roadside Attraction contacted me a couple of weeks ago to say THE DRESS was ready to collect. A friend was off to Oamaru for a few days so offered to collect it for me on the way back. And I have to tell you it is stunning. It has a triple circle skirt … Continue reading

St Clair Design

On Friday I called in to see Dallas to collect the answers to the interview questions and she casually mentioned perhaps I might be keen on organising another evening. Sure, I replied, I’d be happy to. This time next year would probably work – another winter gathering to chase away the blues. Oh, said Dallas, … Continue reading

Our Winter Blues pick-me-up evening

Last night 40 friends and guests enjoyed a Winter Blues pick-me-up evening  at St Clair Design. Dallas Cunningham had great discounts on her Hallelujah and St Clair labels while husband Rob, offered delicious mini muffins to each guest as they arrived –  an extra surprise discount was hidden in the bottom of each paper case! … Continue reading

St Clair Design

Last week when I called in to St Clair Design to take some photos to accompany the ‘soon to be posted’ interview, Dallas asked me if I’d like to organise a Winter Blues pick me up evening. Well she barely had time to take a breath before I said yes leave it to me!  I … Continue reading

Roadside Attraction

Exciting news today from Hilary at Roadside Attraction in Waikouaiti. Her haiku garment is finished and on display in their shop window. The weather forecast is good for Saturday so why not head out to Waikouaiti for a drive, have a look through Roadside Attraction, check out this cute rental property in Waikouaiti and have … Continue reading

Roadside Attraction

Roadside Attraction is where you’ll find Alex Wilson and Hilary Rowley either in their shop or behind the scenes designing, cutting and creating  great gear  – dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, cushions ………If you’re heading northwards on a journey or just fancy having a day trip, look out for Roadside Attraction in Waikouaiti on the Main … Continue reading