Waves bring ashore

I had no idea how Dallas would go about designing a dress in response to her chosen haiku. I guess that’s why Dallas is a designer and I’m not! When she emailed to let me know the dress was ready for delivery I replied, tonight would be good. I was curious, impatient and excited. I … Continue reading


A few weeks back I contacted all the Dunedin rest/retirement homes suggesting they might like to bring their residents down to the Gallery for an afternoon’s outing. So when Pauline rang yesterday morning to say a retirement home had rung asking if they could come down I was delighted.   As it was one of my … Continue reading

When North meets South – nearly there!

I’m just home after spending the afternoon and most of the evening at Bellamys Gallery. Pauline, her friend Barbara, and I were organising the covers for the exhibition booklets we’ve created. The booklets contain all the haiku plus photos of their corresponding exhibits – we’re selling them for $10.00 each as an exhibition souvenir. John … Continue reading

Shoes ‘n things

If you’re a keen shoe shopper then you must call into Bellamys Gallery over the next three weeks – but not until Sunday’s opening – and see what Donna Ryalls from Simply Flowers has created. When Donna carried her creation out to the car today, traffic stopped in Musselburgh Rise – truly. People smiled and … Continue reading

Swirling leaves, wish I had learned, to dance

Pauline and I are working on a booklet which will feature all the haiku with photos of their accompanying exhibition pieces. It will be a last-minute effort as some of the exhibition works are still ‘under construction.’ But we’re aiming to have the booklet ready for sale on November 4th with all proceeds going to … Continue reading

Janet de Wagt

Janet has just sent me a photo of her haiku painting for our exhibition.  She is one busy lady as she’s just back from a field trip  exploring and painting Ireland, England, The Netherlands and Germany. Her next exhibition, ‘Paintings from a Suitcase’, will be from 26 October at De Novo Gallery in Dunedin. Call … Continue reading

Art in the Homestead

This afternoon it was extremely blustery at home and even though I wanted to go out for some fresh air it felt a mite too fresh. We decided to drive down to Macandrew Bay for a wander, hoping the wind might be a little less brisk. On the way down we came across Glenfalloch’s Spring … Continue reading

A Dunedin Day

Thursday is normally one of my days off but I owed work two hours so I popped in this morning for three – well it’s nice to have an hour up my sleeve! After leaving work I wandered along to the University Library as I remembered from an earlier conversation with John Holmes that he … Continue reading

St Clair Design

On Friday I called in to see Dallas to collect the answers to the interview questions and she casually mentioned perhaps I might be keen on organising another evening. Sure, I replied, I’d be happy to. This time next year would probably work – another winter gathering to chase away the blues. Oh, said Dallas, … Continue reading

Gallaway Cook Allan Lawyers

 Frances Anderson from Gallaway Cook Allan has been a lifeline I frequently grasp for! When Poems in the Waiting Room was in its infancy Frances contacted me and offered the firm’s assistance with all the paperwork involved in becoming a charity. And then I called on her to see if Gallaway Cook Allan would sponsor … Continue reading