Thank you and au revoir

Well that’s it – all over! The eight months planning felt like eight months, yet the three-week exhibition flew by.  With the proceeds from the exhibition we’re planning to trial Poems in the Waiting Room cards in the Lower Hutt region. We’re already mulling over ideas for a 2013 fund-raising project. To continue reading click … Continue reading

More Visitors

I’ve enjoyed chatting to Macandrew Bay School children about the exhibition. After admiring the shoe, the dresses, the paintings, sculptures and the jewellery there was great debate about what their favourite art work was and why. As they were leaving a little girl came up to me and whispered, do you know what my favourite … Continue reading

Just white daisies

We needed daisies, just white daisies. But oh, who had them. My white daisies were way past their best, Pauline had some but they were the variety which were very highly umm unfragrant……. So she put a mayday out to her friend who provided some and when they wilted I raided my friend Noela’s garden … Continue reading

Eyes closed

By now you’ll be familiar with my photographic struggles when dealing with glass and reflection. Rob provided me with a photo for the Exhibition booklet, before his artwork was framed, so move on over and click on The Exhibition and select Eyes closed to see a reflection free version of Rob’s artwork! Jenny Longstaff, Ron … Continue reading

Winter sunset

While I was minding the Gallery two afternoons last week Emma was working away in the back room framing. Now and then I’d pop in and watch what she was doing, ask a few questions and then wander back out to the Gallery, happy in the knowledge that my art, poetry, didn’t require framing! Click … Continue reading

The wide blue sky

Andre Surridge provided 6 haiku, 4 were selected by artists and two were chosen twice. Jenny Longstaff and Ron Esplin both chose the above haiku and it was interesting to see how they interpreted it. Jenny’s haiku became the face of When North meets South as we chose to use it in all our advertising … Continue reading

So many secrets

Liz Rowe and I had only ever met via email, so I was pleased to be at the Gallery when she delivered her painting a few days prior to the Exhibition. It was so well protected Pauline and I couldn’t even sneak a glimpse of it through its packaging. We didn’t want to unwrap it … Continue reading

Taking shelter

Tash Shackleton is the only artist I haven’t met. She wasn’t able to be at the exhibition opening and now her painting has sold I won’t even get to see her to return her work. So that’s a plus for her and a minus for me. Kirsten Cliff’s haiku were popular with our artists – … Continue reading


If you live in Dunedin you’ll need no introduction to Dugal Armour’s exhibition sculpture – it has featured twice in the Otago Daily Times and once on the evening Channel 9 news. But for those of you who missed out, here it is in all its colourful splendour! For further news, click on The Exhibition … Continue reading

washing her underwear

Pat Prime sent me six haiku and when I read her last one I thought, wow that might be interesting.  I included it several times in selections I sent to artists and it returned unclaimed until Pauline rang to ask if it was still available. I’m not sure if she had an idea in mind … Continue reading