2013 Exhibition

Just a quick post to direct you to our 2013 exhibition, Bellamys at Five. We’re celebrating our 5th birthday and 20th edition in September with another exhibition. This time we’re using poems instead of haiku as our inspiration for the artists. After selecting 50 poems from the 162 which have appeared in our cards over … Continue reading

Thank you and au revoir

Well that’s it – all over! The eight months planning felt like eight months, yet the three-week exhibition flew by.  With the proceeds from the exhibition we’re planning to trial Poems in the Waiting Room cards in the Lower Hutt region. We’re already mulling over ideas for a 2013 fund-raising project. To continue reading click … Continue reading

The exhibition booklet

A week or two back Pauline came up with the idea of producing an exhibition booklet. I liked the idea so immediately contacted all the artists and asked them to send me a picture of their work  as soon as possible. This became a race against the clock as kilns weren’t being emptied until the … Continue reading

The opening – Sunday Nov 4

Macandrew Bay was inundated with art and poetry lovers at 5pm. According to reports, cars were lined up on the side of the road as far as the eye could see. I was so busy in the Gallery catching up with friends, selling exhibition booklets, explaining about Poems in the Waiting Room,  checking on food … Continue reading

Haiku truffles

The haiku truffles have just arrived – all 160 of them!!!  They were made by Sheryl McCammon, one of the exhibition artists who lives a few doors up the street from me. When I asked if she’d mind helping out with snacks for the exhibition Sheryl was quick to respond – sure, how about dips? … Continue reading

When North meets South – nearly there!

I’m just home after spending the afternoon and most of the evening at Bellamys Gallery. Pauline, her friend Barbara, and I were organising the covers for the exhibition booklets we’ve created. The booklets contain all the haiku plus photos of their corresponding exhibits – we’re selling them for $10.00 each as an exhibition souvenir. John … Continue reading

Shoes ‘n things

If you’re a keen shoe shopper then you must call into Bellamys Gallery over the next three weeks – but not until Sunday’s opening – and see what Donna Ryalls from Simply Flowers has created. When Donna carried her creation out to the car today, traffic stopped in Musselburgh Rise – truly. People smiled and … Continue reading

Swirling leaves, wish I had learned, to dance

Pauline and I are working on a booklet which will feature all the haiku with photos of their accompanying exhibition pieces. It will be a last-minute effort as some of the exhibition works are still ‘under construction.’ But we’re aiming to have the booklet ready for sale on November 4th with all proceeds going to … Continue reading

A Dunedin Day

Thursday is normally one of my days off but I owed work two hours so I popped in this morning for three – well it’s nice to have an hour up my sleeve! After leaving work I wandered along to the University Library as I remembered from an earlier conversation with John Holmes that he … Continue reading

Look out for

Look out for this poster around Dunedin next week. It popped in to my email box this morning courtesy of Jenny Longstaff. I’d given Jenny a list of my requirements and here’s the result. It says it all really. The poster features Jenny’s exhibition painting which is her interpretation of André Surridge’s haiku –                                                                             the … Continue reading