More Visitors

I’ve enjoyed chatting to Macandrew Bay School children about the exhibition. After admiring the shoe, the dresses, the paintings, sculptures and the jewellery there was great debate about what their favourite art work was and why. As they were leaving a little girl came up to me and whispered, do you know what my favourite … Continue reading

John Holmes

John owns five presses with his favourite being the cylinder proof press he has at home – it self inks. As for favourite fonts well he likes the classical ones – Bembo, Caslon, Baskerville. He prefers serif to sans serif. All typefaces have their own idiosyncrasies, he says. Garamond has an ‘a’ which seems too small. … Continue reading

A Dunedin Day

Thursday is normally one of my days off but I owed work two hours so I popped in this morning for three – well it’s nice to have an hour up my sleeve! After leaving work I wandered along to the University Library as I remembered from an earlier conversation with John Holmes that he … Continue reading

Don’t forget

Don’t forget the poets!!! The haiku poets appeared  here early on in the project but since then the artists have taken centre stage. The haiku poets are the backbone of our project so I thought it was time we highlighted their contribution. Check out their bios over at the heading The Poets. I had hoped … Continue reading

Come on in and see what’s happening!

A week or two late but the When North Meets South blog is finally live!  This theme isn’t the same as the Poems in the Waiting Room one so it’s been a fast learning curve for me with a very patient son emailing  back and forth answers to my pleas for HELP! I’d like to … Continue reading