Auckland suburbs

Because it’s colourful and clever. That was the response of a young Macandrew Bay School lad when asked why was James Dignan’s painting his favourite. You know, roofs holding up the sky, that’s the clever bit.

When I noticed this haiku in amongst Catherine Mair’s pack of six I wondered whether it would be chosen, as perhaps southern artists might feel more in tune with Southern themes. Not so James. And not only was this a colourful and clever painting but also a daring one. He chose a ‘naive art’ style which was a first for him. At one stage when I enquired as to progress he emailed backAbout three-quarters finished… the first half was easy, the second half is being a pain.  When I replied, but aren’t the best works the result of pain? there was no answer. Oops I thought you’ve gone too far there Ruth but James just had his paintbrush in hand and was too busy to bother with a keyboard reply. But then word came through..Finally – FINALLY – managed to finish the painting! It‘s acrylic on canvas, and 405 x 610 millimetres in size. It’s not framed (the paint wraps round the side of the canvas/stretchers).

All I can say is I hope you persevere and keep producing ‘naive art’ style paintings James – this one has ‘worked’.

Auckland suburbia

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