Haiku Jewels

There’s something about haiku and jewellery. Both Christeen Bates and John Z Robinson were keen to take part in the exhibition and both asked if they could create two works. Not having to worry about how much wall space they were going to take up I was happy to accept their two necklaces and two pendants. We’ve already featured one of Christeen’s necklaces so tonight I thought I’d show you her response to Tony Beyer’s haiku.

John’s two pendants have attracted a lot of attention. We placed them on two skewers hanging above two narrow mirrors – mainly so the haiku enscribed on the back of one of the pendants could be viewed at the same time as the front was being admired. Unbeknown to John both his haiku were written by Richard von Sturmer.

this tree

full moon
a garden rake
leans against the wall

The garden rake pendant even has a moonstone in the clasp!


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