washing her underwear

I popped into the gallery a week or two before the exhibition and begged Pauline to show me her work. So we went out to the studio where she revealed progress so far. To be honest I hadn’t heard of Petrus Van der Velden so I didn’t appreciate her comment, it’s the Otira Gorge painting. Pauline had a postcard of  ‘Waterfall in the Otira’ and had copied the scene slipping in a backpacker washing her underwear! It’s a terrific painting and has attracted a lot of attention and smiles. What? Oh the underwear! Sorry, I forgot to mention that Pauline chose Pat Prime’s haiku as her inspiration:

mountain pool –
washing her underwear

Which camera are we looking at Pauline? I don’t know Ruth, just smile!

And there on the wall behind us is the backpacker washing her underwear! The vase and two paintings you can see to the right of Pauline sold at the opening, as did several of John Holmes’ haiku books. It’s our red dot corner!

At the last minute, so last minute it didn’t make it into the exhibition booklet, Pauline produced an etching, Only Me, in response to another haiku from Pat  Prime. When Pauline showed it to me she added, you don’t need to include it but I just wanted to use that haiku. Of course I wanted to include it. I still haven’t got around to avoiding reflections when taking photos involving glass. Still I guess this one is all about reflections!

in the marsh
only me


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