Storm Front

storm front
a wide winged gull
rides the wind shifts

Elaine Riddell provided the inspiration for Manu Berry’s woodcut. I didn’t manage to take a photo before Manu framed his work so tried an angle shot to avoid my reflection. If you’d like a closer view of Manu’s work then either come to Bellamy’s Gallery to see this one or head on down to Port Chalmers tomorrow afternoon, (Sunday 11) at 2pm.  Manu is celebrating the opening of his new studio at 52 George St. Manu is an extremely talented young man.  That’s John Bellamy in the corner, if you’re wondering, carrying out one of hundred tasks in preparation for the exhibition.  And just because I think John deserves more recognition here’s a better photo. Pauline and I only had to say do you think a shelf would look good there or, maybe we could have a mirror here, and John would have it made and in place within a short time. He’s a star.

John Bellamy


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