So many secrets

Liz Rowe and I had only ever met via email, so I was pleased to be at the Gallery when she delivered her painting a few days prior to the Exhibition. It was so well protected Pauline and I couldn’t even sneak a glimpse of it through its packaging. We didn’t want to unwrap it … Continue reading

Taking shelter

Tash Shackleton is the only artist I haven’t met. She wasn’t able to be at the exhibition opening and now her painting has sold I won’t even get to see her to return her work. So that’s a plus for her and a minus for me. Kirsten Cliff’s haiku were popular with our artists – … Continue reading


If you live in Dunedin you’ll need no introduction to Dugal Armour’s exhibition sculpture – it has featured twice in the Otago Daily Times and once on the evening Channel 9 news. But for those of you who missed out, here it is in all its colourful splendour! For further news, click on The Exhibition … Continue reading

washing her underwear

Pat Prime sent me six haiku and when I read her last one I thought, wow that might be interesting.  I included it several times in selections I sent to artists and it returned unclaimed until Pauline rang to ask if it was still available. I’m not sure if she had an idea in mind … Continue reading

Clearing dense bamboo

Kerry Fenton-Johns is so easy to please. I sent her four haiku ‘for starters’ and she immediately emailed back with her choice. She was the first artist I set out to interview and made the whole process very easy which gave me confidence to carry on arranging interviews for the blog. Art was not a … Continue reading

Haiku jewels

John Z Robinson and Christeen Bates both opted to create two pieces of jewellery for our exhibition. Two pendants from John and two necklaces and a matching pair of earrings from Christeen. John Bellamy created a perfect setting for them with the use of mirrors and a wooden display box. In the same alcove we … Continue reading

Auckland suburbs

About three-quarters finished… the first half was easy, the second half is being a pain.  This isn’t what I was expecting to hear with our exhibition only 10 days away. But for some reason I wasn’t perturbed – maybe because I’m not an artist and don’t know enough about what can go wrong to really worry……. … Continue reading

Unexpected rain

While the exhibition is on I’ve been minding the Gallery two afternoons a week.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to chat to people as they come in, and also the chance to just sit and watch the changing weather and its effects on the sea. I’ve had the front door open to allow the warmth to … Continue reading

A day of visitors

I enjoyed a very sociable afternoon at the Gallery today. Among my visitors were two classes from the local Macandrew Bay School. The children were  interested in both the art and the haiku. The fact that they’d been studying haiku meant they arrived with some knowledge and skills in understanding haiku. Four students read their … Continue reading

Swirling leaves

Andre Surridge sent me six haiku and he was probably hoping one might be chosen so when I wrote telling him four had been selected with two favoured by two artists he was rapt. Today we’re viewing two artists’ response to Andre’s haiku. Yes you have seen snippets of these exhibits but this time I’m … Continue reading