The wide blue sky

Andre Surridge provided 6 haiku, 4 were selected by artists and two were chosen twice. Jenny Longstaff and Ron Esplin both chose the above haiku and it was interesting to see how they interpreted it. Jenny’s haiku became the face of When North meets South as we chose to use it in all our advertising … Continue reading

So many secrets

Liz Rowe and I had only ever met via email, so I was pleased to be at the Gallery when she delivered her painting a few days prior to the Exhibition. It was so well protected Pauline and I couldn’t even sneak a glimpse of it through its packaging. We didn’t want to unwrap it … Continue reading

Swirling leaves

Andre Surridge sent me six haiku and he was probably hoping one might be chosen so when I wrote telling him four had been selected with two favoured by two artists he was rapt. Today we’re viewing two artists’ response to Andre’s haiku. Yes you have seen snippets of these exhibits but this time I’m … Continue reading

Swirling leaves, wish I had learned, to dance

Pauline and I are working on a booklet which will feature all the haiku with photos of their accompanying exhibition pieces. It will be a last-minute effort as some of the exhibition works are still ‘under construction.’ But we’re aiming to have the booklet ready for sale on November 4th with all proceeds going to … Continue reading

Don’t forget

Don’t forget the poets!!! The haiku poets appeared  here early on in the project but since then the artists have taken centre stage. The haiku poets are the backbone of our project so I thought it was time we highlighted their contribution. Check out their bios over at the heading The Poets. I had hoped … Continue reading

André Surridge

André Surridge – Poet and playwright, born Hull, England in 1951, immigrated to New Zealand in 1972. Over twenty stage plays performed including “Zugzwang” which won the Shell Playwrights Award (NZ) 1984. Other awards for playwriting include the Lantern Theatre Trust Award (UK) 1987 & the Minolta Playwriting Award (NZ) 1995. Play scripts and licences … Continue reading