Behind the scenes

When I accepted Pauline and John Bellamy’s offer of using their  Gallery I didn’t realise that they came with the Gallery.  They adopted me and the project with heaps of enthusiasm and encouragement.  This post is a tribute to Pauline and John Bellamy. To read and see more, click on The Exhibition and select Behind … Continue reading

When North meets South – nearly there!

I’m just home after spending the afternoon and most of the evening at Bellamys Gallery. Pauline, her friend Barbara, and I were organising the covers for the exhibition booklets we’ve created. The booklets contain all the haiku plus photos of their corresponding exhibits – we’re selling them for $10.00 each as an exhibition souvenir. John … Continue reading

Shoes ‘n things

If you’re a keen shoe shopper then you must call into Bellamys Gallery over the next three weeks – but not until Sunday’s opening – and see what Donna Ryalls from Simply Flowers has created. When Donna carried her creation out to the car today, traffic stopped in Musselburgh Rise – truly. People smiled and … Continue reading

Manu Berry

Back in 2007 Manu spent 6 weeks in the outback of Australia staying on a property of a fellow artist. It was so vast and alien. I took a while to adjust to it. You know if a tree fell it didn’t rot, it just dried up. The minute I sat down I’d be covered … Continue reading