Haiku jewels

John Z Robinson and Christeen Bates both opted to create two pieces of jewellery for our exhibition. Two pendants from John and two necklaces and a matching pair of earrings from Christeen. John Bellamy created a perfect setting for them with the use of mirrors and a wooden display box. In the same alcove we … Continue reading

Swirling leaves

Andre Surridge sent me six haiku and he was probably hoping one might be chosen so when I wrote telling him four had been selected with two favoured by two artists he was rapt. Today we’re viewing two artists’ response to Andre’s haiku. Yes you have seen snippets of these exhibits but this time I’m … Continue reading

Look out for

Look out for this poster around Dunedin next week. It popped in to my email box this morning courtesy of Jenny Longstaff. I’d given Jenny a list of my requirements and here’s the result. It says it all really. The poster features Jenny’s exhibition painting which is her interpretation of André Surridge’s haiku –                                                                             the … Continue reading

St Clair Design

Last week when I called in to St Clair Design to take some photos to accompany the ‘soon to be posted’ interview, Dallas asked me if I’d like to organise a Winter Blues pick me up evening. Well she barely had time to take a breath before I said yes leave it to me!  I … Continue reading