Breaking news

Lyn Hurring’s meet you at the wishing tree artwork  sold within five minutes of the exhibition opening. Numerous disappointed people commented on that red sold sticker!  Lyn’s work was in response to Catherine Mair’s haiku spring morning all these knee-high children & small dogs Lyn emailed me this morning with some great news. Click on … Continue reading

Success story

Our When North meets South opening was a great success. A cold morning meant John lit the fire in the Gallery but by 5pm he’d let it die down as the sun was out, the sky was clear and it was warm.  By 5.10 the Gallery was humming, by 5.15 it was packed and by … Continue reading

Look out for

Look out for this poster around Dunedin next week. It popped in to my email box this morning courtesy of Jenny Longstaff. I’d given Jenny a list of my requirements and here’s the result. It says it all really. The poster features Jenny’s exhibition painting which is her interpretation of André Surridge’s haiku –                                                                             the … Continue reading

Lyn Hurring

Hi, I’m Lyn Hurring I’ve started preliminary work on my haiku piece and am looking forward to getting some paint onto canvas (or wood) soon. And as for my background: I’m a Dunedin-based artist with a passion for creativity. I love to draw, and am constantly getting inspiration and ideas from my surroundings, family, and … Continue reading