washing her underwear

Pat Prime sent me six haiku and when I read her last one I thought, wow that might be interesting.  I included it several times in selections I sent to artists and it returned unclaimed until Pauline rang to ask if it was still available. I’m not sure if she had an idea in mind … Continue reading

Behind the scenes

When I accepted Pauline and John Bellamy’s offer of using their  Gallery I didn’t realise that they came with the Gallery.  They adopted me and the project with heaps of enthusiasm and encouragement.  This post is a tribute to Pauline and John Bellamy. To read and see more, click on The Exhibition and select Behind … Continue reading

Swirling leaves, wish I had learned, to dance

Pauline and I are working on a booklet which will feature all the haiku with photos of their accompanying exhibition pieces. It will be a last-minute effort as some of the exhibition works are still ‘under construction.’ But we’re aiming to have the booklet ready for sale on November 4th with all proceeds going to … Continue reading

Art in the Homestead

This afternoon it was extremely blustery at home and even though I wanted to go out for some fresh air it felt a mite too fresh. We decided to drive down to Macandrew Bay for a wander, hoping the wind might be a little less brisk. On the way down we came across Glenfalloch’s Spring … Continue reading

Look out for

Look out for this poster around Dunedin next week. It popped in to my email box this morning courtesy of Jenny Longstaff. I’d given Jenny a list of my requirements and here’s the result. It says it all really. The poster features Jenny’s exhibition painting which is her interpretation of André Surridge’s haiku –                                                                             the … Continue reading

Four in the frame

This week an invitation arrived in the post from Pauline Bellamy. Four in the Frame opens on Tuesday September 11 at Dunedin’s Community Gallery and closes on the 19th. The four artists are: Maurie Angelo, Pauline Bellamy, Manu Berry and Ron Esplin. Pauline, Manu and Ron are all exhibiting in When North meets South so … Continue reading

Manu Berry

Back in 2007 Manu spent 6 weeks in the outback of Australia staying on a property of a fellow artist. It was so vast and alien. I took a while to adjust to it. You know if a tree fell it didn’t rot, it just dried up. The minute I sat down I’d be covered … Continue reading

Pauline Bellamy

I mentioned I’d seen a work in the gallery which had the words dry point etching. Pauline pulled out her sketchbook from their recent trip to Australia, selected a sketch of a busker, and proceeded to talk me through the process of dry point etching. Well, there was a slight creak as the interview sneaked … Continue reading