In March 2012 we invited the most talented haiku writers from the North Island to each email Poems in the Waiting Room 6 unpublished haiku. 12 poets responded, gifting  72 haiku to the project.

And in the South Island, 22 Otago artists responded to the invitation to take part in this project. They’ve each been given 3-4 haiku, asked to select one, and then create a work incorporating/ interpreting the haiku in their chosen medium.

The haiku poets will be told how many of their haiku have been chosen but not which ones or which artists are working with them. And the artists won’t know the identity of the poet they’ve selected.

All will be revealed at the November exhibition where all the art work will be offered for sale. Poems in the Waiting Room will take a small commission on all sales made and this will be put towards our funds to take the project from the South to the North Island.

We’re setting out to: document the ‘haiku work’ as it progresses, photograph completed works, chat to the artists, have a peek at kitchen tables, studios, and other workspaces. We’ll also feature the haiku poets – show some of their published haiku, provide bios and photos. Stay with us and watch this project unfold.

One Response to “About”
  1. juleslawrence says:

    What a great blogg Ruth – so much work has gone into it. I am looking forward to the exhibition…..

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