André Surridge

André Surridge – Poet and playwright, born Hull, England in 1951, immigrated to New Zealand in 1972. Over twenty stage plays performed including “Zugzwang” which won the Shell Playwrights Award (NZ) 1984. Other awards for playwriting include the Lantern Theatre Trust Award (UK) 1987 & the Minolta Playwriting Award (NZ) 1995. Play scripts and licences are available from Play Bureau NZ Ltd

André enjoyed a parallel life in the English Civil Service, NZ Public Service & Local Government which kept the financial boat afloat. He was also Founding Editor of the regional business newspaper “Waikato Business News”. He is a member of the NZ Poetry Society and has haiku featured on their web site. His poetry has been widely published, including Atlas Poetica; Modern English Tanka; Presence; Magnapoets; Tanka Splendor; Eucalypt; Bravado; Kokako; Simply Haiku; Prune Juice; The Heron’s Nest; paper wasp; Modern Haiku; Acorn; Sketchbook & Take Five.

Poetry awards include winner of the Katikati Haiku Contest, NZ, 2004; 8th Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Haiku Award, Australia 2006; Kaji Aso Tanka Award, USA 2007; Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award for Haiku, USA 2007; Kyoto Museum for World Peace Award for haiku (Japan)) 2007; Tanka Splendor Award 2008 (USA); Jane Reichhold International Prize (Haiku), Ukiah, USA, 2010 & 2011 & 1st Prize Lyrical Passion Senryu Contest, 2011 (USA).

                                                                                                               sunny day
                                                                                                               butter melting
                                                                                                               on sweet corn cobs

                                                                         Honourable Mention, Ito-En competition, Japan, 2010.


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